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As siblings growing up, our mother prepared excellent, fresh food every day and “Come Dine with Me” style dinner parties were the norm.  As a result, we’ve always loved eating great gourmet food!  Combining the love for cooking we got from our mom with new recipes and skills, we clarified our vision, and 3rd Course Bakery was born.  We are dedicated to enhancing our sophisticated menu  so that your experience at 3rd Course Bakery will always include fine pastries and a taste of home!



Head Baker

While earning my BSBA at The Ohio State University, I worked as a marketing and finance analyst for a premium fine chocolate manufacturer. In 2014, I graduated and began my career in corporate finance. My concentration at this multi-national financial institution was in forecasting revenue and expenses as well as consolidating financial statements for regulatory bodies.

Through self-reflection, I came to the realization that I wanted to pursue a field with endless creativity that would satisfy people instantly. My search for such a business led me to baking! I completed many Wilton courses to learn more about the art of cake decorating: The confidence I gained in those classes further fueled my desire! In 2016, after baking my 1st wedding cake, I decided to take my passion to the next level, and kick start 3rd Course Bakery!




Creative Decorator

I want to live in a world full of innovative businesses that create goods for the pleasure and betterment of society. Because I never wanted to work a 9-to-5 job that felt like “work,” I focused much of my university studies on innovation. Creating cakes that showcase exquisite flavours and designs allows me to marry two of my passions–innovation and cooking.  I continue to push the boundaries of my creativity and imagination to present flawless custom cakes and cupcakes that speak volumes to the people who enjoy them.

When I’m not in the kitchen experimenting with flavours and designs, you can find me capturing life’s moments at music events and festivals or shooting nine-holes on an immaculate green.

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