Our Inspirations


Why gluten free?

We chose to specialize in gluten-free because we noticed the lack of fun palatable cake/cupcake options for individuals who are gluten intolerant or chose to omit it from their diet. Not only can you pick from the standard cake/cupcake options from the menu but you can custom mix and match to create a cupcake as unique as yourself. The options are endless!



Why fresh, local grown ingredients?

We chose to source locally and use organic fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the food as natural as possible. This ensures the flavor of the cupcake is as close to the fruit or vegetable as possible. No guilt – that’s right! 



What makes you different?

If all the details above hasn’t already got you drooling; as we said, we keep it natural! Keeping it natural means, there’s no food coloring, no artificial flavours, no preservatives. We keep it real 😉